Is 2024 your year?

Is 2024 your year?

Bernie Lloyd, Chair

Quite a number of years ago whilst I was still a full-time educator, I was discussing with colleagues some ideas we had for expanding our high school’s connections with indigenous Australians. Suggestions were coming thick and fast and we were excited at the potential of them.

What I knew though, through having responsibility for budgets at a whole school level, was that financial resources were scarce.

When our fledgling plans were drawn up we considered how to fund them through applications for sponsorship. Something came into my mind. As I had scanned the latest newsletter from my bank, Victoria Teachers Credit Union, as it was then, I had seen a reference to and invitation to apply for a TIP award.

I quickly busied myself – the application was relatively straightforward.

Was the project innovative? How could it improve student learning? How were the funds to be expended? When would it be acquitted? Who were the key personnel to see it through to completion?

All were duly answered and, not too long after, word of success came through.

It was a grant of $2000 but it felt like we had won the lottery.

All these years later, TIPs is still bringing interesting and creative projects to life in schools.

It’s a source of joy for Bank First personnel, including Directors, to attend a school assembly and pass on our congratulations and the award.

These small projects mean a lot to all recipients.

Now in 2024, 31 years later, it could be your year. A small and committed team can transform a class, a year level, a whole school.

I encourage you to consider sharing your project with us and, you too, could feel the satisfaction and delight of bringing that project to fruition.