Numbers matter!

Numbers matter!

Jo Dawson
Jo Dawson

As a Bank First board director and an auditor, you would expect me to say that.

Numbers have a special significance for us at this time of the year because it’s when we open applications for our Teaching Initiatives Program (TIP).



invested in schools

For every Victorian school, there are more often than not projects that innovative teachers and educators know would resonate with their young charges, but the allocated budget just doesn’t stretch that far.

TIP innovations over the years have included the development and planting of an Indigenous garden; an Eco Village for the whole community to enjoy; an Active Transport Workshop teaching young people how to repair their bikes; establishment of an Equine Centre and a Maths Garden.

There are more than 760 projects on our TIP map covering schools in 277 postcodes right across the State. Is your school on the TIP map?

If you’re a teacher or if you’ve got children, nieces and nephews or grandchildren at a school who could benefit from Bank First funding for an innovative project - make sure you let them know about TIP.

As a director, this is a highlight of our year - knowing that the banking our Members do with Bank First enables us to reward innovation in our schools.

Thank you for being a Member which, in turn, enables us to continue to recognise and support innovative teachers and schools.

I look forward to seeing the innovative projects and initiatives from teachers and schools in 2024.

Jo Dawson