Hints and Tips

Our hints and tips to make applying for a 2024 Teaching Initiatives Program (TIP) grant as easy as possible.
Take a look at this section before beginning your application.

In this section you are required to select which category your project falls into.

Your initiative must fall under one of the following categories:

General curriculum
Your project will supplement existing educational programs.
Your project clearly demonstrates an outcome promoting diversity within your school community.
Your project will contribute to the education of, or implementation of, a cleaner, greener and more sustainable environment.
Indigenous and Torres Strait Island cultures
Your project has a clear focus on Indigenous and/or Torres Strait Island cultures.

We understand that some projects fall into more than one category. However, for the purposes of this program, choose one category which is the closest representation of your project.

Provide a brief summary of your teaching initiative. Two or three sentences to explain what your project is and why it is innovative.

In this section we want to understand the background behind your initiative.

Where did the idea for this project come from?

Is it a NEW initiative or is it a program you have seen work at other schools or in other countries?

Who is going to benefit and how will they benefit?

What is the rationale behind your chosen initiative?

In this section, the focus is on what you hope the implementation of your project will achieve.

What learning experiences and opportunities will your school community have from your initiative that they don't necessarily have now via current curriculum?

What skills will students/staff develop as a result of this initiative?

How will you measure the impact and success of the initiative in your school?

In this section we would like to understand if, and how, technology will be enhanced and applied to learning as a result of your initiative.

As the world becomes more and more digital and technology advances - does your project have a technology focus?

In this section, we would like to understand the key dates for your initiative.

Once grant has been received:

Date: Project commences

Date: Project completed

Date: Project implemented

Date: Presentation of completed project to Bank First representatives

Approximate dates will be accepted.

In this section we're requesting a clear breakdown of project materials, labour and other project-related costs.

Only those costs to be covered by TIP grant need to be included.

We're interested to understand who will be involved in your initiative.

Who will be implementing this initiative in your school?

Will parents or other members of the school/preschool community be involved?

Please note: The person submitting the application must be a Bank First Member.

The Teaching Initiatives Program (TIP) is Bank First's signature community program supporting educators and students across Victoria.

We love to share the stories of our TIP winners and we find that Members are highly engaged when it comes to TIP stories and are keen to understand the great work educators are doing in school communities right across the State.

For this section, we are seeking your authorisation to permit Bank First to promote winning TIP initiatives in all channels (social media, corporate publications, marketing, advertising and promotional activities.

We are looking for one or two sentences from you about your project (an overall summary) and your authorisation to use this information to promote the Teaching Initiatives Program (TIP).

We're thrilled to be able to provide schools with the opportunity to fund those special, out-of-the-square projects which add such tremendous value to school children and communities.

We also understand the pressures that educators are faced with across the State and hope that these hints and tips make the application process for this year's program easy for you.

If you have any questions, please email and a member of our team will be happy to contact you.

Good luck!

Tips for writing your grant application

Consider the following before beginning your application.

  • Do you have a clear understanding of your project, who it will benefit and how?
  • Does your project fit the criteria?
  • Do you have supporting documents/evidence required?
  • Have you researched how much your project will cost?
  • Are you a Bank First Member? Only Bank First Members are eligible to apply for a TIP grant.

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